ETHOS LEGAL Rechtsanwälte WIen

is all about sportsmanship. Every day, we show our competitive spirit and take pleasure in achieving optimal results for our clients. We believe strongly in fairness and respect for opponents.

Our partners are ambitious sportsmen with family values and varied humanistic interests. They offer support to their clients in economic or personal challenges with outstanding legal knowledge, life experience and a broad mind.

Professionally and efficiently, handles any issue relating to business law, in particular real estate transactions, founding and takeover of companies, and protecting your intellectual property. We also help you to enforce your claims and recover debts (claim management).’s lawyers are at your side, offering to you and your company strategic advice and long-term support with complex transactions as well as with private and public law litigation.’s partners have obtained significant rulings of highest courts and the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU).

The lawyers of are lecturers at universities, at courses and seminars. They pass on their know-how not only to future generations of lawyers, but also to business experts. Lawyers who will guide you to the finish line quickly and safely.